Michele Vietri and the theatre


(a panza toia fodera e curtiello!)

Anthropological-theatrical study on the character of the guappo. “Mytical” figure of the Neapolitan universe, the guappo and the guapparia (his life-style and outlook) have produced a series of tipes and caricatures that have been dealt with in the theatre, the cabaret and the songs of Avanspettacolo.
From `O Malamente by Viviani and the Song of the Guappo by Petrolini to his personal re-writing of Lessons of Blows, Michele Vietri performs a series of 'guappi': a special “zibaldone” (a sort of miscellanea) on the ways and the characters of the typical Neapolitan mafioso giving life to a peculiar show which is both feraciously satiric and absolutely amusing.

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