Quartetto Vian

Michele Vietri voice and performing
Marco Leveratto acustic guitar
Luigi Mosso detto Lullo electric bass and effects

The Quartetto Vian’s main idea and purpose is to expand the knowledge and appreciation of the songs of Boris Vian, the brilliant French author of colourful jazz, blues and South American songs: these songs are full of a devastating irony and very funny lyrics, they are so rich of a music that faces the most urgent topics: antimilitarism, fear of sex, exclusion.
But Boris Vian is also a novelist, a playwright and a poet and therefore the stylistic figure of the Trio is decidedly based on “eccentric” performances combining poetry and music thanks to the artistic and “whimsical” inspiration of the three members. Each of them, Michele Vietri, a refined actor and singer, Marco Leveratto, funambolic guitarist, and Milko Merloni, an artist in electronic effects, has an important and remarkable background of excellent experiences within music and the showbiz which are nationally and internationally acknowledged.

Broadening: Boris Vian

Info: vian@michelevietri.it