Il Combo Farango

Il Combo Farango - Non lo faccio più

... a racially mixed music for refined palates and low instincts... nearly brasileiro jazz (Brazilian jazz), nearly tanghero “son”, reggae and funk-ability

voice Michele Vietri
piano Giulio Oliverio
guitar 8 chords Marco Leveratto
double-bass Milko Merloni
battery and percussions Filippo Mignatti

The Combo Farango was born in 2000 with a plan of racially mixed songs by intermingling various culturesin order to unwrap and exchange as many musical witnesses and experiences as possible within the chosen genres.

In July 2002 the band was awarded the Amnesty International prize. 8th December 2002 was the time for European Total Rhythms prize. Some songs of the Combo are already present in many compilations of Italian independent music. In the autumn of 2004, the Combo’s first cd, entitled “Non lo faccio più” (I do not make it any more) was issued by Note History. The newspaper of Naples “il Mattino” inserted the Combo Farango in the New Encyclopedia of Neapolitan Song (2006) for their unconventional use of the Neapolitan in contemporary sounds.

The repertory of the band is the result of the fruitful efforts of, above all, Michele Vietri and Giulio Oliverio, co-authors of the music. Michele Vietri is the author of the lyrics, too. The unique mix and blending in their songs of humour, irony and nostalgia with jazz, funky, bossanova and reggae, creates an eccentric eclecticism that is very impressive and “leaves a sign” in the audience.

It emerges however much personality in the approach with the various kinds and every composition immediately connotes for the oneness and the creative originality.

In the racially mixed songs of the Combo a world flows with Mediterranean passion and madness with all its linguistici echoes, the Italian or the Neapolitan to times is contaminated from the French and the Spanish, a universe crossed by desires of life and lost loves, narrated with a provocative observation of the society.

The live performances are strongly loaded move and able to make show: a small cult.

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Presentation of the album: "Non lo faccio più"