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Michele Vietri

Michele Vietri

In the cinema, he has worked as an assistant ('The Screen to Three Punte', documentary by G. Tornatore) and as an author of courts, films and documentaries.

For the theatre he has written and performed many shows in several cities.

Within the comic strips he has dramatized "Mercato delle Erbe" by Menotti, published in the magazine “Blue” and has revised the text for th episodes of the series "5" by Igort published by the Phoenix Enterprise.

In addition to his activity as a theatre and cinema actor (Paris Dabar, Ravanello Pallido, etc ),
in 2005 he realized a documentary film entitled "A chi Tanto A chi niente" with E.Scola, M.Monicelli, T.Brass, G.Pontecorvo, G.Montaldo.

He began to sing professionally in the ' 90s in a music-club in San Francisco, California. Once back in Rome, he founded a musical trio performing a peculiar repertory of French and Neapolitan songs.
In '96 he recorded a CD in a theatre of Urbino. It was distributed by the company Harmony Music of Florence and its title is “Neapolitan Caffè-Concerto la melodia in scena." This cd points out the concert experience of the same show and closes and makes its understanding easier.

From 1997, in Bologna, he has had an intense collaboration with musicians coming from jazz experiences. The caffè-concerto was transformed in Cafè Nire & Noir: jazz is the fundamental key in the new musical arrangements and in the interpretations of songs, too. Moreover, he gave his help to the CD of Pietro Tonolo and Maria Pia De Vito Un Veliero all'Orizzonte – the meeting between jazz and Neapolitan music, published by the Egea.

In 1998 he realized Musikaal Cabaretto, an album produced by Radio CittadelCapo.

In 2000 he founded a group of “author song” and “patchanka” with which he carried out an intense concert activity: the Combo Farango.
In 2002 he gained the Amnesty International prize - Songs for the freedom.
In 2004 he published a compact disc with the Combo for Storie di Note with the title: "Non lo faccio più (chansons metissées)".
In 2005, the new edition of the Encyclopedia of the Neapolitan Song, in 6 volumes cured by the Mattino of Naples, dedicated an entire paragraph to his activity as a composer, as author and singer who used the Neapolitan with a contemporary sound.


Caffè-Concerto. La melodia napoletana in scena - Harmony Music di Firenze

Musikaal Cabaretto - prod. Radio Città del Capo

Non lo faccio più (chansons metissées)- Storie di Note


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