Duo Ieppariello

Marco Leveratto

Marco Leveratto

Marco Leveratto, guitarist, got his diploma at the conservatory "N. Paganini" of Genoa.

The collaborations with Armando Corsi in study seminaries of the guitar and with the dancers Alessandra Coppola and Kathleen Delaney, with whom he cultivated the interest for total improvisation is fundamental in his experience.
Leveratto applies the technique of the classic guitar to the improvisation and jazz harmony studies, developing therefore a peculiar musical language.

Character and colour are given to his unmistakable style by a long concert activity of Music Latina and Bossa Nova, in particular with the Vanaldes Art.
With this last band he wrote and realized the soundtrack of Geografie di maggio, a film featured at the Bienniale of Atene in 2003.

He teaches guitar at the Cultural Circle "Le MUSE" in Genoa.


"Duende" Armando Corsi 2001
"Percorsi Latini Live… in Cantina Bentivoglio" - Valnades Art - 2001
"Étoile, Vita nella Vita songs, le canzoni dell’ipnosi regressiva" - Italian ED.Center Studies of Parapsicologia (GE), 2003

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